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5 Best Bike Routes You Must Ride in California

5 Best Bike Routes You Must Ride in California - Snapcycle Bikes

Daniel Woods |

Whether you are looking for a trail to explore leisurely, to go on an adventure or you are preparing for a prestigious cycling race, California bike trails have plenty to offer.

Wherever you go, trails are offering wondrous views and an exciting adventure. Such trails such as the oceanfront bike paths in LA, Downieville's classic singletrack downhill descents, even a multi-day biking trail around Lake Tahoe, the list is endless.

Planning a two-wheeled California adventure? This post helps make your choice easier by highlighting some of the very best bike trails around the state. Being electric bike-friendly was one of the considerations taken in selecting these trails and they all are!

1. Lake Miramar Trail

This 7.9 kilometers loop trail is located near San Diego, California, offers spectacular views, and is perfect for cyclists of all skill levels. The trail is accessible year-round and offers several activity options, you can even bring your dog along, however, ensure they are leashed and have paw protection especially when on the paved trail.

Two options parallel each other - a paved trail and a dirt trail. The paved trail is almost five feet wide and gentle with a 3% estimated max grade. Its surface is smooth and most mobility equipment (wheelchair) and stroller users find this trail traversable. Lake Miramar is an open week long from 6 AM to 6 PM. So get your electric bike and get paddling. You will need an all-around commuter electric bike.

2. Bayshore Bikeway Trail

This 24 miles out and back route trail located at Broadway Pier-Coronado Ferry, San Diego is one of the best beach trails in California. Offering an enjoyable ride along the palm-tree-lined trails and beautiful views of downtown San Diego skyline, San Diego Bay, and the Pacific.

This easy-moderate partially paved bike trail offers an enjoyable experience to cyclists of every level. You might - depending on the route you follow - bike past Coronado Golf Course fascinating fields and even come across the celebrated Hotel del Coronado. You’ll encounter many cafes, public parks, resting stops, and beaches along this top bike trail, so there is no need to bother about whether or not you can complete at a stretch.

3. Bike The Bridge Route

One of San Fransisco's most popular routes, the Bike the Bridge route cuts through the charming bayside towns of Tiburon and Sausalito. Beginning at Fisherman’s Wharf, this trail takes you through the beautiful Presidio National Park and across several iconic landmarks in San Francisco’s including the Golden Gate Bridge and charming views of the Bay Area.

The trail winds down to Sausalito and the historic Old Mill Park before terminating at the fishing village Tiburon with its beautiful scenery and attractions. Cyclists can then hop on a ferry back to the city from Tiburon or Sausalito or trace the trail back to its starting point. Make your choice from the 2021 Best Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide.

4. Downieville Classic Trail

The Downieville Classic trail is amongst the most popular and iconic mountain bike trails and every summer it is flocked with hundreds of bikers. The Lost Sierra has exploded with several new and amazing trails over the last few years and it’s worth planning a visit for anyone hoping to experience a true California bike trail.

This trail starts at the top of Packer Saddle and then descends through the beautiful and lush forest, along ridges back to Downieville. This bike trail is approximately 15 miles long and has 800ft of climbing and 5,000ft of descending, you are sure to experience a wonderful time enjoying the scenery. It offers everything! Amazing views, tight green trees, fast flow to chunky rock gardens. Plan a trip to the Downieville Classic trail today!

5. Alamo Creek Bikeway

This shaded path is a popular and attractive trail along Alamo Creek. Several parks are connected by the trail, these include Beerlard Park, Patwin Park, and Nelson Park. This charming trail is not just a hit with humans, it is a rich haven for various flora and fauna and it's not strange to spot diverse wildlife along the trail and its adjacent creek.

This trail intercrosses the Southside Bikeway rail trail and gives access to Vacaville and Al Patch Park. Parking is available at several points along the trail's route, Marshall Road in Nelson Park and Beelard Drive in Beelard Park. Visit Snapcycle for a budget-friendly yet durable electric bike and get started on this trail.

As stated at the beginning of this article, the number of amazing trails in California is endless. Some notable mentions include: Mendocino County, California Coastal Trail, Johnny Cash Trail and Cannell Plunge.

This is obviously just a selected few from the endless list of amazing California bike trails. With over 40,000 miles of electric bike-friendly trails in California, your options are vast. So, grab your Snapcycle electric bike and go experience the adventures of these trails! Don’t forget to bring along your camera, and of course, a helmet!