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We are passionate about redefining the perception of cycling, elevating it beyond a mere mode of transportation or fitness regimen. For us, it's a lifestyle choice—a way to explore, discover, and immerse oneself in the world around us.

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Feel Like a Kid again.

First time I have rode a bike in years. I have a couple of hills to go up or down in my neighbor hood and now l can tackle them. Great quality. I wish there were more accessories on the website for the Eagle, but l hear they are coming.

Brent Reed


First e-bikes ||

Same comments as our other bike. My only regret is not getting a step thru like my wife's. Really likea the sweet back handles on the step thru

Robert McElwain


It's a very good bike for the price. Fun and fast I've had my Infinity for about a week now. I'm really enjoying it. My friends who are Ebikers with older bikes are amazed by this bike. I'm slowly getting to know how to work the controls, but so far it's good.

Mark Head

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