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Great Bike, Great Value

My wife and I purchased 2 R-1 Step-Thru bikes and have been having a ball. The bikes are comfortable and very stable on trails and loose surfaces. They are well made, and look it. The customer service with this company is second to none. I don't think I've ever seen better. We had some questions and Harvey took care of everything, and in real time. All emails were answered quickly, and with total satisfaction. Since our bikes arrived, and that was within a week, 2 other sets of neighbors have also purchased the bikes. Derek and Lori Powell

EZ assembly!

The Snapcycle S1 is very easy to assemble! The hardest part was getting it out of the carton…video instructions are very simple yet complete….set up is a SNAP!

Snapcycle Eagle
Darren H.
An amazing ebike

I got my Snapcycle eagle a couple of days ago. It was very well packaged , the bike was in pristine condition out of the box. I have been using it for daily commute to work. It is a very powerful ebike, and the full suspension system worked great even on bumpy roads. Loved it.

Ready to Ride

This is my 2nd R1. I needed to get a step through so I can more easily take grandkids on rides. Love the power and comfort of the ride, and the kids love being outside and feeling the breeze in their faces!!! Loved the 1st enough to get a 2nd.

Rear Basket
Thomas Svenstrup
Perfect Accessory

I thought long and hard about the different options available. Even considered putting a rustic crate on there. In the end this was a perfect choice. The fit is excellent and the cover with light is a bonus too. Allows me to carry along what is needed and put in a limited amount of groceries.

Snapcycle R1
Mark Machado
Great all around bike

Sold my mountain bike I rarely rode and got this bad boy.... very sturdy, super smooth ride, fast bike! Fat tires give it that great grip and a bit of cushion in the ride. Only had it a week or so, but so far it's awesome ! The fact that it comes with a rack and fenders for under $2k is a great deal. Great commute to the office !

Snapcycle S1
Thomas Svenstrup
Looking Forward toWarm Weather

The bike arrived as promised and was easy to put together. Just waiting for the weather to get a little warmer to take it for the first ride.

Front Basket
Carolyn Dipierro
Great basket

This basket is heavy duty and installs easy ,also comes with light extension wire. It really looks great and is sturdy.I like it because it stays in place while steering and not swing like other brands.That you can end up with scratches on bike frame.I would recommend this product.

Snapcycle S1
Franly Garcia
Great bike does everything it says it does

I had a blast riding with my brother on it I might’ve sold him on buying one himself now lmfao and it actually folds

Snapcycle R1
Larry Garber
Awesome EBike

I received my new Snapcycle r1 just over a week ago, and so far I’m very happy with this EBike 🚴 it’s well built, and easy to assemble.
It’s comfortable, and a lot of fun to ride, I’m 67 years old and this Ebike is so easy and fun to ride I know I’m going to start riding much more often than I have in the past with my older bike. I’ve been on a ten mile ride and my knees didn’t hurt at all much less for a week after the ride. We have several bike trails in our area and I plan to ride them all.
It’s just a bet heavy, but with a little practice I can get it on the bike rack by myself no problem.
The bottom line is, fun fun fun.

Best Purchase you can make

Theses bikes are nice for on road and off been to the beach to the mountains to many campgrounds. We looked at the Lectric vs Snapcycle and watched review’s videos etc. let me tell you now snapcycle is the choice not only do they like cooler but perform better. When you buy a bike you want good customer service as well and snapcycle takes pride helping resolve issues quickly if so one is replying at 9:30pm on a Saturday night to help me with a issue ill definitely be coming back.

Snapcycle S1
Debbie Meredith
I’m loving it!

It’s a great bike. I live in a rural area and I’m having a blast riding up and down all these country roads.

New Wheels!

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru: Thoroughly enjoying my new bike. The 750W Brushless Geared Hub Motor affords me plenty of power getting around my neighborhood and quickly returning me home for breakfast with the family. Really enjoying an added feature when you engage the hand breaks it activates the rear brake light to brightly illuminate. When the package was received it was the "best" wrapped item ever received.

Front Basket
chris valero
Snapcycle R1 front basket.

Boy does this basket add a touch of class to the R1. Very nicely made with wooden floor has just enough room for a bike helmet with shield. Mounts with four screws to the front, then you relocate your headlight. Best part is it gives purpose to the four standoffs on the front head stem. I use this ebike to run to the local stores for supplies.

Snapcycle R1
Lansing Young

I just posted a review on the Snapcycle R1 but I forgot to mention the excellent customer service. When I first got my R1, I realized that the pedal assist wasn’t working. I called customer service and was told it was probably the pedal assist sensor. I spoke to Jonathan at Burn the Ships Electrics in Hermosa Beach, Ca ( where I purchased my bike). He sent his tech to my house to change out the sensor. My R1 has been working perfectly since (I have over 750 miles on my bike). You can’t get better customer service than that.

Snapcycle R1
John Doe
excellent bike, excellent customer service!

I did my research and got this bike to do food delivery, if used or the bike has unbeatable range for its price point and excellent handling. But the best part so far has been Snapcycle‘a customer service. While I was riding at night I took a tumble and managed to bend the left crank, the team sent me a new one no questions asked after I sent a picture, you just don’t find customer service that good! I’ll definitely make sure my next e-bike will also be a Snapcycle.

Snapcycle R1
chris valero
My first eBike.

Did a lot of research and watched videos on many different brands. Snapcycle R1 with the hydraulic brakes was my choice. It arrived in good condition, with exception for bent luggage rack and brake rotors, which were easy fixes. On my first ride, I did 6 miles in hilly country, and was smiling all the way. Just amazed how fast this thing goes up hills with just a little pedal effort. I'm 63 and now back into bicycling after 40 years. As of this writing, I have over 30 miles on this eBike. I just love it.

Saddle Bag
Reinaldo Henriquez
Rockbros saddle bag

This rockbros saddle bag is very good looking and useful to have extra storage for your carrying things when you are riding your snapcycle ebike.

Great bike, great ride! Brakes can get finicky after 1000 miles

I love this bike, its has to most power I have enjoyed on any of my e-bikes. Nothing can stop it, look at this hill, doesn’t care. I have gone 50 miles on a single charge with still some battery to spare. I will say this is my first step through and it’s a bit wobbly going down hills. I also typically ride hands free and I can not with this, it’s not rigid enough. My only issue is the hydrolic brakes seems to get soft after about 1000 miles. Having worked on bikes for years I have found it tricky to get them back to factory resistance. Using all the methods including a full bleed they still get spongy. Not sure if it’s a product of the bike or brakes ( Logan). I have had a couple flats too but thats to be expected. Customer support has been super responsive and supportive. I hope to see this when I open

Saved my Sanity

In 2019/2020, I had two spinal fusions and had to give up riding my motorcycle, playing basketball, tennis, surfing, and even riding a modified bicycle. I thought I would never get out again...until getting on my Snapcycle step-thru model. I now can exercise with assistance, and the ergonomics of my Snapper (pet name) are perfect for my body structure at 6'2. I still live in pain, but now I can get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors here in Maui, Hawaii. I was going insane, thinking I would never be able to do anything fun again. Mahalo SnapCycle, this bike is a game changer and has restored my sanity. Aloha Dave

Snapcycle R1
Vladimir Izrailov
I like 👍

Soy powerful bike
Drive good 👍

Snapcycle R1
George T.
Snapcycle R1 Ebike

I first want to say that my r1 Snapcycle is everything it was supposed to be. I also want to s Snapcycle is a company that listens to their customers. When I was researching ebikes Snapcycle got good reveiws on YouTube but in a few cases they would say I wish that Snapcycle would do this or that to the bike. And they did I think everything like hydraulic brakes, a 7-speed rather than a 6-speed, etc, etc. To me this is a company that is a leader in the industry because they listen to the customers which makes them stand out. Now as far as my r1, I am disabled and my wife would have liked me to go on rides with her. I told her I would like to and I want to try to get stronger, but I felt an ebike would help if I was unable to get back from the ride. Now I can, and after a few rides I really like that I'm able to enjoy being able with confidence to ride without fear of not being able to complete the ride . Thank you, Snapcycle!

Snapcycle S1
Michael Jones
Snapcycle has landed in Brooklyn!

Really love the rugged looks and sturdy performance needed for some of the tough streets in Bk! This is my first e bike, I put 100 miles on it in the first week. Can’t wait to see how it holds up to the change in seasons.

Best regards,

Snapcycle R1
Chuck Peacock
Excellent commuter!

I bought the R1 primarily as a commuter and so far it has been excellent for that purpose. I expect to pay for it in less than a year at current fuel prices.
I added panniers and a left hand mirror and it does what i need it to do - get to work quickly without sweating a bunch (no shower at the office).
No worries about battery range as I have about 6 miles one way. The relatively quick charger should be handy but haven't really needed it to be fast... yet.

The bike isn't built for serious off road/MTB terrain, as any person doing serious pre-purchase research should know already. The rear hub motor, light components, and front suspension only aren't built for that. You'll need to spend a couple grand more (at least) if that's what you're looking for.

I would recommend tube "slime" and something like Mr. Tuffy tube protectors - the tires are not heavy duty by any stretch and being fat, well, they cover more area to pick up more pokey things. The stock tires are not very aggressive and do slip on loose surfaces, so be aware. Hardly a deal breaker.

The headlight could cover a wider angle but the integrated tail light is excellent for visibility to drivers etc.

Jury is still out on hydraulic brakes - we'll see come time for maintenance but they certainly work well new.

I like that you don't have to have a key to turn it on, only keys to lock battery in. Some might not like that considering theft safety but I think there are other deterrents in trade for the convenience.

Gear ratios are too low for the higher speeds so you're "free-wheeling" with no pedal resistance at high speeds. Again, not a deal breaker for me but something to consider.
Needs at least one more gear on the cassette IMO.

Really appreciate the "extras" rear rack and fenders are included.
Also, the bike was took maybe an hour with 2 people to put together. Most components are pre-assembled.

Overall, very satisfied within the short time that I've had the bike.

Beauty + Functionality + Value = Snapcycle

We first saw the R1 step-thru while on vacation at the beach and it was love at first sight based on aesthetics alone. We found a local shop that had an R1 on display, gave it a spin, and we were hooked! We already had an ebike (from a different well known manufacturer), but the R1 is so much more aesthetically pleasing, has all the standard functionality, is way more comfortable to ride and included extras (such as the rear rack). We couldn't purchase it at the shop (had no way to get it home) so we ordered online from Snapcycle and had it within a week! We did have some issues with our local FedEx service which resulted in a delay and some slight damages, but it was no fault of Snapcycle the bike was packaged very well. Our local FedEx had practically destroyed the package and still there were only minor damages which Snapcycle support remedied immediately, great customer support!
Needless to say, my wife got the R1 and I'm left with the other ebike :( and I can't wait to replace it with another R1. Our only suggestion? Include a standard mounting option for a water bottle holder, sure wed can use a strap-on holder but would prefer the standard mounting screw option.
Thanks Snapcycle for an awesome ebike!

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