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Amazing Bike, Great Deal

I've had this bike for nearly three weeks now. I am in love. I do not drive so this is perfect for me. I either walk, ride bike or use taxi cabs or Uber. This bike almost completely eliminates the need for all the above. Every time I would have called for a cab saves me money. Every time I would have walked or even rode my push pedal bike, it saves me time.

I have priced many other ebikes and did research on what the best bike would be for my budget. I would have easily paid several hundred more then what they sell this bike for. It's an eye looker to . Every time I go for a ride I get compliments or asked questions about it.

The third day I had it I got a flat tire . I thought it would be difficult to fix but to my surprise it was as easy. Actually it was easier to replace the tube then with my push pedal bike.

The only things I would like to see with this bike or recommend people who buy this bike do is a GPS and some tire liners to prevent theft and flat tires.

Very nice bike I highly recommend to everyone. I am planning on buying the smaller fold up model in the near future

Snapcycle R1
Steve Thoman
My New Ride

Researched and ended up with a good ride!

Snapcycle R1
Ricardo Ortega
Great solid bike

Great ebike feels solid and powerful get one you won't be disappointed.

GUB Phone Holder

I am thoroughly enjoying the GUB phone holder. Keeps my phone securely in place and easily accessible. Way to go GUB and SNAPCYCLE.

Finally a little competition for the Harley

I have been a Harley rider for years, have two Corvettes and two great bicycles. My son loaned me one his evokes as I’m dealing with pretty demanding back issue and he thought the ebike would keep me in the exercise mode. He was right, I loved it from day one. As I shopped for something a little closer to my ideal ride I came across the Snapcycle r1.
The Snapcycle met all my criteria and exceeded my expectations. Quality build, handsome look and very strong performance. The finale issues was economics and the Snapcycle was right where it needed to be.
I love the ride quality, the power and performance.
Glad to be part of the Snapcycle family.

Snapcycle S1
Mark Chapman
Very happy

Great machine! Very happy with my bike! Very good company to work with! Prompt and freindly! Cant wait for summer adventures!

Turn that frown upside down

Long story short..big issue with shipper not snapcycle turned into a delightful fix...customer service was put to the test and they delivered..After hooking me up with a local bike dealer, I was able to resolve my issues, save a return and move forward with confidence. Great feature rich bike with brilliant design. Small company with big ideas. Olivia, you did all of the right things! 💘 I appreciate you!!

Love, love, love my R1 Step through

I absolutely love my Snapcycle R1 step through. Amazing power, control, and stability. I commute 6 miles one way to work and I am enjoying the exercise, being outdoors and feeling energized when I get to the office. A huge shoutout to the designers and production crew at Snapcycle.

Sport Utility Bike

I purchased the R1S to help me maintain our local trail at Cooper Creek reservoir. It's a long hike in to bring tools, work and then hike back out. With this bike I can get in and out and not be exhausted. We are about three miles from the reservoir so I can ride there, work and ride back without using a vehicle. Best money I've spent in a long time. Customer service has been great too. Any questions have been answered quickly.

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Kathy Holloway
Great Bike

We purchased 2 R1 step throughs for my husband and I. Unfortunately I broke my femur and haven't been able to try it out but my husband loves his! We had a couple bolts missing but customer service was excellent and sent the parts out quickly! Looking forward to take these camping!

James M.
Comfortable stylish helmets

Helmet’s look great and fit very well. Lightweight makes them easy to stow and still provide protection.

Great addition to Snapcycle

The riser gives a place to attach bags and a better view of the display while riding. I’m sure I will find more use’s over time. Solid build and easy attachment to the bike.

72 and more then happy

I am 72 with bad knees and thought bike riding was over until I got the R1 step threw .
The bike arrived in good condition and assembly was easy . It has amazing hydraulic brakes , headlamp is bright and clear , and the wired tail lamp is bright . 20 miles per hour is plenty fast enough for me so have left in on stage 2 . I added 4.5 in steering riser and. Spring assist seat post . A phone holder and rear carry bag helps for small shopping trips. Can’t wait to get a Snapcycle front carrier when they are available so the dog can ride too . I would recommend this bike to family

Snapcycle S1
John Kurtz
Great bike!

Got the bike in a timely manner, the only issue was my right peddle came off because It was stripped( my fault I accidentally put the wrong peddle on right side) they shipped me a new one the next day which I greatly appreciated. The bike works great, battery life is superb especially coming from a 10amph battery on previous bike, highly recommended!

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
George Straight
Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru is a GREAT EBIKE

Had to wait awhile because of shipping delays. Ordered before Christmas and did not receive the Ebike until early February. Shipping box was undamaged and the bike was well wrapped. I received the upgraded version with hydraulic brakes and integrated rear light. There were a few things that were different than the installation video. The handlebars are different than the installation video
- Handlebar attachment is different
- Derailer guard attachment not discussed. Yes I know easy enough to figure out
- Power to rear light not discussed. Yes I know easy enough to figure out.
I am 72 and have not rode a bicycle since I was a young man so it took a few rides to get used riding an Ebike, using the pedal assist and throttle and the additional weight of an Ebike. So glad I got the Step-Thru model. I am not so sure I could have gotten my leg over the middle bar of the non step-thru model.

It’s amazing how much the pedal assist helps me ride. At 72, I have had both knees replaced and standing up to pedal to make it up hills really hurts them both. With this bike, I stay seated going up hills, adjusting pedal assist as necessary to stay seated.

In response to a request for information about whether I had changed the Ebike from Class 2 to Class 3, I stated:

So far I have left the Ebike a class 2. The most painful thing when I bike is having to stand to bear down on the pedals to go up a hill. So far at level 2 and using the bike’s gearing I have had no problems going up some good sized hills using pedal assist 3. So far haven’t had to use pedal assist 4 or 5.

In summary, a great purchase, no regrets.

Dream Machine

Blast to ride I logged in 51 miles and still have 2 bars left, changed the ramp to 1 and set the PAS to 0-9 installed an adjustable stem riser and a cloud 9 seat, love the hydraulic brakes and the speed sensitive cadence. Customer service is the best in the business, looked into several bike, and so glad I bought the Snapcycle. Looking forward to many,many more miles.

Exceeded All Expectations

Our 2 Snapcycle Step Through R1 bikes went together easier than expected! Following a full charging cycle, a read of operating the bike I took the bike out for it’s maiden voyage. The ease of adapting to the assist was minimal. The acceleration of the assist was amazing! Can’t wait to get out in the bikes again tomorrow for a longer ride! Ordered a rack today so we can take the bikes along on our many travels this year!

Snapcycle R1
A great, overall experience ...

I purchased the R1 model. I researched plenty of e-bikes. I typically BUY from long-established companies, but I decided to try Snapcycle, after seeing a handful of favorable Youtube videos on the R1. We'll see how they do, and how the bike holds up, over time. Both have been great, so far. Been mt. biking for +30 yrs., so I've seen my share of bikes.

The purchase and delivery went smooth. Assembly was straight forward.

I swapped out a few things to suit my needs. Not because it needed it, but just to tweak it. A new seat, suspension seat post, short fenders, pedals with 1/2 toe clips, new handlebar stem riser, and 2 free-standing waterbottle cages/bottles (these bikes don't have braze-on attachments). I've also 'heard' that a simple menu adjustment, can unlock the bike to Class 3 speeds.

I've put +150 miles on it. Runs great. Powerful, smooth motor, and it eats HILLS for breakfast ! Gone from doing +6 mile rides on my other bikes, to now doing 15 - 20 miles, and getting even more of a workout.
Lots of folks, ask about my bike. I've probably sold a few (indirectly), already. Give Snapcycle a try. You'll love the bike, and their Service !

Snapcycle R1
Kimberlee Truesdale
My take on our (4) R1 bikes

I received my first (2) R1 within a week of ordering from Snapcycle. We will get our other (2) next week. I would have given them 5 stars however both had damage along with a few scratches. I understand that Snapcycle cannot fully protect the bikes in transit and how they are handled by other carriers. It was packed and protected the best one could hope for. The first one I assembled with my son took less than 30 minutes. I did notice the derailleur guard was bend in pretty bad. I was able to use the tire with my foot and pull the guard out in somewhat of a straight angle. It’s a little heavier than I expected, otherwise it’s a very nice bike. The other bike had a wire pulled out of the left brake assembly. I sent an email along with pictures as instructed per the website. The next day I did get a call from Snapcycle, they stated that the wire was used to stop the motor when the front brake was applied. I was told they would send me a new assembly and that it is a plug and play. I hope to get the part in a few weeks??? The guard was also bent on the second bike, I was able to pull it out like the first bike. The bikes are a GREAT value and FUN to ride! The welds are way nicer than found on similarly priced bikes. The Shimano shifter is outstanding to say the least, they are precise and reliable. We have taken the bikes on grass, gravel, the beach and asphalt finding the 26 X 4 inch, puncture resistant, fat tires handling very good and quiet. The bike has smooth, strong power with the 750 watt motor powered by the 48 volt Samsung battery. The different levels of pedal assist can be used in both class two or three modes depending on the local regulations where you live. It would be very difficult to find similar features and quality at the price point of the Snapcycle R1. With a few adjustments to the brakes within a few miles ride, it is ready for adventure!

Top Tube Bag
Jonathan Moya
Awesome pouch

Great tube bag! I use it to carry my car keys and wallet and phone when cruising around the beach. I recommend it.

Snapcycle R1
Stephen Estes
Nice quality bike

Took almost 4 weeks to get the bike due to shipping problems with UPS. Bike was packaged very good. Box was damaged, but bike survived with no damage. Only been able to put around 18 miles in peddle assist. Very impressed with power going up hills and it did great in the snow. Assembly went smooth and took about 30 minutes. Battery charged in about 3 hours since it came half charged. Concerned about the battery since I had to charge it after only 18 miles.

Best bike ever! I tried my Snapcycle R1 first time today. Absolutely fell in love. Pedal assist modes are unbelievable. I enjoyed my 10-mile bike ride without getting tired. I strongly recommend this bike guys. Totally worth the money!! Customer service folks are amazing, too. They get back to you in less than a fay when you have questions.

Snapcycle S1
Kathy Walker
Great Beach Bike

Purchased for primary rides on the beach here in Florida. Could not be more pleased. Wide tires perfect for soft sand. Only need assist level 1 most of the time which means long battery life per ride. Aluminum will not rest. I am careful to use a commercial clean and lube on the chain after each ride. People ask is that an ebike as battery not exposed?

Great Beach Bike

Purchased for primary rides on the beach here in Florida. Could not be more pleased. Wide tires perfect for soft sand. Only need assist level 1 most of the time which means long battery life per ride. Aluminum will not rest. I am careful to use a commercial clean and lube on the chain after each ride. People ask is that an ebike as battery not exposed?

Snapcycle S1
Jonathan Moya
Awesome E-Bike

The bike is beautiful and great cosmetically and aesthetically. I added a surfboard rack holder, love the boost it gives when you are using pedal assist. Love the functionality and I recommend to anyone. This electric bike is no Bull. Beats the hell out of the other motorcycle looking electric bicycles that seem to childish and for kids.

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