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Snapcycle S1
robert reinaker
first impressions

This is my first e-bike; I'm 72 and have three other regular bikes and need a "freighter" to cruise around my development, to the pool, to the tennis courts, to the Dollar stores. I liked the looks of the S-1, like a tank and I must say that it feels like one--solidly built. Delivery on FEDEX took a couple of days and assembly was easy--just put the pedals on, the seat post, the handlebars. So far I've ridden about 25 miles total and I still have plenty of battery. So far I cant find anything to complain about. A minor point --I would have liked a written owner's manual but I printed out the online manual so I have something "hard" to refer to. I'd highly recommend for anyone like me who needs a "push" once in a while

Snapcycle S1
Kenneth Pittman

Best folding bike for the buck. Very compact, also comes with a rear rack at no extra cost. I can't say enough good about it. I would Highly Recommend !

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Kenneth Pittman
Absolutely Great !

Great bike with a great price. I love everything about this ebike, and would recommend it to anyone. It has great power and very comfortable too also looks great. Snapcycle is a company you can trust, and their customer service is excellent.

Snapcycle S1
Marsha Haffizulla
Great Bike

I absolutely love my S1! At first I thought it was going to be too heavy for me, but once I got the hang of it, I found it wasn’t hard to maneuver at all. The assembling of the bike was very minimal ( pedals only) I cannot wait to take it to the beach & camping!

Snap cycle

I have been enjoying this bike since I received it over a month ago. The assembly was straightforward. The instructions were well detailed. I love the freedom of continuing my journey especially when my legs get tired. Very durable and solid construction. Would highly recommend!

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Marvin Little

Shipped as promised, no damage, good packaging , reasonable assembly for old man, nice ride and easy to control. Had one issue which was my error not bikes. Woul recommend to others. Couple of thing I would have liked a larger front light for nights, rear light coupled with big battery and a puncture proof inner tube. Great bike.

Snapcycle R1
Bob simcox

loved the peddle assist

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Bernie Dzurellagunzburg
Bike review

Excellent choice!..Great bike! ..super fun! I would highly recommend you buy a Snapcycle!!

Snapcycle R1
Good Value Overall with Only Slight Shipping Damage Upon Arrival

Bike arrived with slight damage resulting in derailleur guard bent in preventing higher gear changes. Fender support arms were bent as well. Not a big deal. Good overall stopping power from the Tectro mechanical brakes however, the loud scraping & squealing sound is a bit unnerving to say the least even after brake pad adjustment. The motor power seems to be good and overall, I think this bike is a good bargain. Already acquired most of the upgrades such as suspension seat post with Giddyup gel foam seat, additional headlight, adjustable handlebar riser, soft panniers for rear cargo rack, phone carrier, etc. I think most will be satisfied with this bike right out of the box.

Customer service A++

I've had my Snapcycle for a few weeks now, and it surpasses all of my expectations! I've added a stem riser to put me in a more upright position. Not only has the bike surpassed my expectations, but customer service, post sale, has been nothing short of spectacular. Questions answered quickly and expertly! Thanks Carmen! Robin (and Jerry) B.

Snapcycle R1
Karlheinz Knaus
Enjoying our bikes

Bought two of the fat tire models. Having a lot of fun. One for myself and a step through for the wife. The bikes do exactly what is advertised. Its surprising when you receive them how massive they actually are. Quite heavy and powerful. I got used to the bike quickly and love it but my wife is only 5’ and she struggles a little with size and weight.

Snapcycle R1
Daniel Costido
Best purchase of my life:)

Been looking at electric bikes for a couple of months and decided on the snap cycle… Best decision of my life! I love this bike!!! Amazing quality and I feel like a kid again when I ride it! Buy one you will not regret the decision… took me about 20 minutes to assemble the bike which also came with all of the necessary tools:) thank you

Snapcycle R1
Alex E.

I am enjoying riding a bike again. In my youth I rode my bike everywhere, now at 75 I am reliving the fun I had as a young man. The e-assist is just what I need these days to manage the hills around town. Otherwise peddling with just a little assistance is really enjoyable.

I love love love my new bike!!!!

I love love love my new bike!!!! I ride it to work and I walk into work with a smile on my face everyday!!!! I haven’t had this much fun on a bike since I was a kid. It’s the best purchase I’ve made in a long time!! 💜



Very happy

We have bought 2 snap cycle step thru bikes. The first to see if we wanted a second. They went together very easy, no adjustments needed except for seat and handle bars. We have close to 500 miles on them with no problems. Only thing I wish we could do is raise the handle bars up a couple of inches.


The bike is awesome. Ride it daily. Hardtails are bumpy on rough terrain, so bought a shock absorber for the seat. 40 bucks on Amazon and voila! Bumping solved. Love it.

Snapcycle R1
edward h
So happy with my purchase

Spent weeks researching before I made my purchase. It was impossible for me to find more bang for my buck, as far as the under-$2000 range is concerned. I never expected it to be THIS good, though. I’m 68 and I’ve still got my regular mountain bikes, but since my wife and I got the R1 and R1 step through, we’ve been able to get more exercise than we ever have before. We take our R1s around on bike racks attached to the back of our SUV, and head out to a local trail. Washington has a lot of hilly routes, and it can be pretty intimidating for anyone who isn’t in the best shape, but the R1s have made uphill routes an absolute cinch. I get to have so much fun on my rides, and a decent workout without killing myself. I’m no longer apprehensive about every bike trail, wondering if I can possibly manage those hills or rough terrain.

Snapcycle R1
Christopher Bennett
As Advertised

I am very happy with my R1 Snapcycle. Bike arrived in 4 days. Assembly was straight forward. I commute to work in the hills of Sonoma County and can complete the 24 mile round trip on a single charge.

Snapcycle R1
Kenneth Collins
A thing of beauty

A beautiful bike that was delivered to me without issues. I am 5’9 and the frame is a great fit. Everything is working as it is supposed to. My bike arrived via FedEx within 4 days. This bike gives you some serious bang for your buck. I only wish they had different color options. No matter, I plan to decorate my bike soon.

Snapcycle R1
Eric Cruz
I made a great choice

This is my first Ebike . I spent ages researching Ebikes extensively online and watched reviews on YouTube . After about 3 weeks of watching videos and checking out reviews and blogs I chose to go with Snapcycle for my first Ebike . It seems that I am getting a lot of value for money as far as Fat Tire Ebikes are concerned . I wrote in to Customer Service to ask about the Class 3 settings . They replied within a few hours and gave me very clear and concise instructions on how to do so . I have already clocked about 40 miles of riding and so far I have been absolutely smitten with the comfort , power , performance & look of this Ebike . I highly recommend .

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Jennifer Briggs
Solid bike, great for its price

Compared to other fat tire e-bikes available on the market, I think this one is well worth its price. It’s a comfortable ride and often turns heads with its beautifully designed frame. I purchased mine with Affirm, the checkout process was pretty quick and simple. Personally I just need something to help me commute safely and quickly, with minimal effort. I can get to work without breaking a sweat now and it feels absolutely amazing.

Snapcycle R1
Steve Hopkins
Amazing for beach rides

Love riding it to the beach on weekends! This bike is wonderful for all ages and the tires feel excellent on sand and soil. Plus it looks pretty cool!

Just what I needed

I am fully enjoying the R1 step through, I ride through my neighborhood and I get a lot of questions about the bike. It’s beautifully designed and is great even for a 5”1 tall gal like me, and that’s what really sealed the deal for me. Considering I’m going to be using the bike quite often to get around and run errands, I want it to look presentable. Thanks Snap for all of the customer support as well.

Snapcycle R1
Trevor Jones
Great experience with the R1

I've had my bike for around 3 weeks now. Assembly video was clear and concise. My personal thoughts: The R1 is a bike that makes biking fun. You can go further, with less effort and have spare power to get you home if the weather gets bad or some other issue arises. Fun to ride. Definitely a bike for persons of all ages.

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