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Snapcycle R1
Robert McElwain
First e-bikes II

Same comments as our other bike. My only regret is not getting a step thru like my wife’s. Really liked the sweet back handles on the step thru

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Robert McElwain
First time ebikes

Finally got to take our new bikes for an initial run. Theses are our first e-bikes and it took a little bit getting used to. Rides like a champ. We went on a paved trail most of the way just so we could fine tune the adjustments on the seat and handlebars which we both loved. Easy to put together which I think it took more time to get the wrapping off than the assembly. Had one issue putting it together (my fault) so I sent a message to the company asking for help. They get right back to me with the solution and it was a easy fix. Great customer service. We love the bikes!! I’m 71 and my wife is 65.

Seat post


Bike Trunk Bag
Mark Parvinen
Excellent purchase

This bag fits so perfectly you never even know it's there. It holds everything you need for a long ride and then some! The shoulder strap is a huge bonus.

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
david winchell
Nice bike

Nice bike

Rainproof Bicycle Pouch

Covers the phone and additional compartment for my wallet.

Game changer

My Eagle arrived within a week of ordering, in very good shape. Assembly, which was mostly attaching the fenders, went very quickly. I'm recovering from spinal surgery, so haven't been able to put it through all its paces yet, but the first 40 miles have been great fun! I wanted a powerful bike to pull a trailer with my 95 pound dog. It took a little coaxing to get Gilda in her trailer, but the Eagle handled the first two rides, 10 miles total, with no problems at all. We rode comfortably mostly in PAS 1 and 2, but 3 and 4 were very smooth as well. The disc brakes worked well and stopped efficiently even with the added weight. I did not notice any additional drag on the motor.
I find that I can exercise as much or as little as I want with the pedal assist. The motor removes the worry about having enough stamina to complete a ride and I'm certain I'll ride much more often, and much further, as a result. The geometry is very upright, which is helpful for me with my neck situation. The ride is very smooth, although I haven't been on any gravel roads or trails yet, just some potholed streets and railroad tracks.The folded bike just fits into the hatch of my 2018 Buick Envision.
All in all, I am super happy so far. If it proves durable, it seems a very good bike for the money.

Fun and fast

I've had my Infinity for about a week now. I'm really enjoying it. My friends who are Ebikers with older bikes are amazed by this bike. I'm slowly getting to know how to work the controls, but so far it's good.

Snapcycle R1
Mark Parvinen
Great purchase

The R1 step thru is everything I hoped for in an ebike! Assembly was a snap with the video guide. Customer service is outstanding! I am amazed at how smooth and comfortable the ride is. The power going up hills is a blessing to a guy who recently had back surgery. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for one.

Snapcycle R1
Joe Atkins
The Bearded Quality Engineer

From the Bearded Quality Engineer
I just unpacked and assembled the New Rev of the Snapcycle R1.
I will be putting together a video on youtube about this R1 rev. soon.
But for those wandering about what Snapcycle did with all of our suggestions? Well, they took notes and used a great deal of them (especially when related to safety).

1. Handlebar Stim is now adjustable, no more one size fits all.
2. The frame in the Rear Swing Arm has been is Stamps and Welded for more tensile strength (withstands more weight).
3. Hydraulic Breaks (front and back).
4. Upgrade of tires to Kenda's (wheel balancing would be beneficial to the quality or the ride).
5. Electric LED Integrated Taillight / Breaklight.
6. The Packaging is rock solid now. The box is in cognitive, pretending to be a large screen TV.

The nose of the seat is so long that (if you are a shorter stature person) the lowest portion of the High-Bar is not usable to rest you private parts over. Keep this in mind when ordering your bike. Although the High-Bar offers more tensile strength for us heavier built people, it also present an obstacle for those of us that are short in stature.
The handlebars on th R1 High-Bar are different then the handlebars on the R1 Step-through.

Review the pictures for Visual Aspects.

Zoom Suspension Seatpost on my R1

I ride on packed, loose gravel roads, and some trails. The zoom seat suspension took out the jarring of a hard tail bike. Nice addition but it does raise the seat height 4".
My wife's R1 step thru has a cushy seat that seems to complement the Zoom post suspension.

Snapcycle Eagle
Mark Head
Feel Like a Kid again.

First time I have rode a bike in years. I have a couple of hills to go up or down in my neighbor hood and now I can tackle them. Great quality. I wish there were more accessories on the website for the Eagle, but I hear they are coming.

Snapcycle Eagle
Jeffrey O
Unbelievable bike!

Buy this bike! I can't say enough about it. The welds are flawless, the power is impressive, and I've been super happy with how far it goes on a charge. Charge time is constantly 4 hours. I can't believe how well it's equipped. My price was around $1000. It's a steal at that price.
My front fork was missing 2 fender bolts. I texted customer service and they responded in minutes! On a weekend! I had the parts in 3 days and I'm in NY!
I honestly believe that once the word is out on this bike Lectric XP will be history.
The second day out, I visited a friend to show him my new toy and a half hour after I got home he texted me to tell me that he had ordered 2!
I have 110 miles on it. First week.
I even crashed it once. Watch the hydrolic brakes. They are super good 👍

Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
Barry Hanulak
East Coast E-Bike!

I have another e-bike (not a Snapcycle) I use in LA when we are visiting my son, but found myself missing the riding experience after returning home to NJ. I couldn't pass up the recent sale and my R1 step-thru arrived three days ago. Wow, am I impressed! Assembly was a breeze...I just followed the excellent video. The only difference was the stem/handlebar installation as it's different on the step-thru than what is shown in the video. Total time was about 2 hours but I really went slow and double checked every step since it was my first time assembling a bike. Since I have been using a fat tire bike in California, I did have something to compare it to. Spec wise, the two bikes are very similar. I don't want to mention the other brand, so let's just say it starts with an "A". Well, my new R1 is smoother in overall ride, a bit quicker and just seems to handle better. I can't speak for range yet, but I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. Oh, and I have to mention customer service. I actually ordered the bike while away in Toronto. I was concerned about delivery and contacted customer service about holding off shipping until I was sure I would be there to accept it. Response and follow up within an hour is pretty impressive! Thanks Snapcycle! You guys are doing a great job!

Snapcycle R1
Thomas Burns
Wonderful Bike

Greetings from Wyoming, we had read all the reviews and felt comfortable purchasing the R1 especially the reviews on customer service. The total experience after the purchase was smooth, I knew the bike had a headlight but was pleasantly surprised to find that it also had a taillight that was also a brake light, not to mention it also has a horn. Well put together bike, packed extremely well and an absolute pleasure to ride, looking forward to taking it up to our Big Horn Mountains.

Snapcycle R1 Step Thru

My first ebike and I love it. Assembly took me about an hour. While the battery was charging, I took a "bike ride". Easy to pedal on flat ground, took effort to get up hills. Very impressed with the power assist, good choice is the twist throttle.

Snapcycle R1
Tom Doerr
Enjoy my new bike

My eBike was shipped on time, undamaged and with all the parts and pieces. It’s easy to operate, looks good and rides well. So far, I’m loving my new ‘toy’ whether it’s tooling around the city or commuting to work.

After a little over 100 miles my wife and I are very pleased with the R1 step thru e-bikes we purchased. If you want the most bang for your buck this is the bike for you.

Snapcycle Storm
Joseph Nguyen
Snapcycle Storm

After extensive research, I decided to purchase the storm. The bike impressed me more than I expected. Snapcycle did a great job designing this one. Full suspension, bike motor cycle headlight with a built in electric horn, step through frame, Shimano gears, saddle seat, rear rack, 45 mile range, 28 mile top speed and the list goes on. The best part is the price point. No other manufacturer has put this many features in an eBike at half the cost of others.

Snapcycle Eagle
Cheryl H.
His & hers! PERFECT!!

We bought 2 Eagle bikes so we can ride together! We love the bikes - sooo very easy to assemble! And made with such high quality parts!!

Snapcycle R1
David Maleski
Snapcycle R1 (first week)

Love the bike so far. Easy to unpack and assemble, rides like a Lexus compared to my old bike. Comfortable and has plenty of power and stopping power. My only complaint is that you have to turn the throttle a half a turn before any power kicks in. I'm sure I will get use to it. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Snapcycle S1
Edward Cudworth

Can’t believe how sturdy it’s built. I love my purchase and for having my name around 8 AM because of the rain and the weather can’t wait.

Snapcycle Stinger
Andrejs Dimbirs
Stinger review

Decided to buy a Stinger to replace my wife's 10 year old Giant Twist Freedom DX (250 watt front hub drive). The old bikes batteries were acting tired, plus she doesn't ride confidently on gravel with the 700x38c tires. The new bike arrived promptly (4 days after ordering!) in a well padded box. The bike was quick to assemble, but I ran into issues with the rear mechanical brake. The rotor was somewhat out of true, and the pads seemed somewhat damaged. Despite my efforts to straighten the rotor and adjust the brake, couldn't keep the rotor from rubbing on the pads. Sice I had bought a set of cheap Zoom mechanically assisted hydraulic brakes for another bike, decided to install one as a replacement. Instant success; the brakes operated smoothly with no rubbing. Worked so well that I replaced the front brake as well. To finish setting up the bike, I replaced the original "comfort seat" with a nice Serfas saddle and Zoom seatpost. Took it for a test ride, although there is no way my 34 inch inseam works with this frame size and standard length seatpost. All in all, the bike handles surprisingly well for it's weight. The 3 inch tires are a great compromise that rolls effortlessly over gravel, but still works on pavement pavement. Was not expecting much from the derailleur, but it shifts surprisingly well (not that you need it much for a hub drive). My wife has had it out on several rides, up to 15 miles, and likes it. She is still adjusting to only having a cadence sensor, since her old Giant has a torque sensor (unusual for a hub drive). Overall, I think the Stinger is a good bike offering value in a crowded market. The only reason I docked a star was the quality of the brakes. Think Snapcycle should consider upgrading them to better quality mechanical or budget hydraulic.

Snapcycle R1
Randy Oliver
A very good e- bike

Easily assembled with no help(only front wheel, handlebars, rear rack, peddles, front light and LED display needed mounting. Balance of bike came very well packaged and assembled and adjusted.)

After assembly, battery had charged so I put about 25 miles of mixed pavement/offroad on first ride. Most of ride was relatively flat and almost 100% throttle, with little peddling.

Very good ride, no glitches, comfortable. Very good acceleration response(I’m 6’2” 200lb). I rode with seat at lowest position)

My only improvements would be higher handlebars and a way to stiffen steering so I could more easily ride hands free.

Already had people inquiring about where to one.

Also a big shout out to Snapcycle for the extra box of freebies( cell phone holder, combo cable lock, mirrors and accessories bar extension for handlebars.

Purchased by me with my own funds, no incentives, discounts, perks, etc.

Snapcycle R1
Jason Jamison
Amazing ride!

Love my new bike and trailer! We take the dogs and the bike has so much power. Can’t wait to go riding in Tahoe. Love this bike!!

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